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Whats that mean??

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1Whats that mean?? Empty Whats that mean?? on Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:28 am


Here is a list of saying that have been made smaller

MAM moan about men
MAK moan about kids
MAW moan about work
MAM moan about money
MAE moan about everything
MAA moan about anything

WB=welcome back
WD=well done
Newbie=new member
LOL=laught out loud
PMSL=pi**ing myself laughting
NVM= never mind
LBH= lets be honest
TTFN= ta ta for now
OMG=Oh my god
FFS=For f*** sake
BRB = be right back
DH = darling husband
WTF = what the f***
WBS - Write Back Soon
WOM - Word Of Mouth
WTG - Way To Go!
dp= darling partner
ds= darling son
dd= darling daughter
oh= other half
iyswim= if you see what i mean
iykwim= if you know what i mean
brb= be right back
roflmao= rolling on floor laughting my a**off
psml = p***** my self laughing
BFN = big fat negative
BFP = big fat postive
TTC =trying to concieve
HTH = hope that helps
CD = cycle day
AF = aunt flow (period)
WSS = what she said
BIL= Brother in law
MIL= mother in law
SIL= Sister in law
FIL= Father in law
BTW= by the way
EDD= Estamatied due date
IMHO= in my humble opinion
KWIM=know what i mean
SAHM= Stay at home mum
SAHP= Stay at home parent
AAMOF= A matter of fact
W8 - Wait


2Whats that mean?? Empty Re: Whats that mean?? on Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:32 am


sue thing


3Whats that mean?? Empty Re: Whats that mean?? on Thu Jun 26, 2008 5:32 pm


there is also

ty --- thank you
tysvm------- thank you so very much
yvw----- your very welcome

Whats that mean?? Kerry
Whats that mean?? Kerry-3
Whats that mean?? MASON1

4Whats that mean?? Empty Re: Whats that mean?? on Thu Jun 26, 2008 11:21 pm


Might take me a while to get that all straight but I'll try

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